HTC Vivre

A necklace that captures emotional moments for you

Project Brief

Project is sponsored by HTC with the given topic of ‘The future of intimacy’. Team members include Bobin Gao, Sonia Lui and Ivy Siwei Wang.


Spring 2015


14 weeks


Design research
Product design
UI design
Logo design

Intimacy in 2020

Over the past years, a major change in relationship is how people record and share their lives. From early years of shooting with cameras and developing films, to nowadays taking selfies with cellphone and posting them on social media. Looking into the future, the ability to seamlessly capture all the exciting moments and liberate people from the recording processing will play a huge role.

Let's cherish the moment

Vivre is a necklace that provides the ability to capture one’s emotional moments without taking any action. Thus, the user can fully enjoy all the moments without ever worrying them slipping away.

How Vivre works

Vivre utilizes an Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor to measure a wearer’s interests to events. When the wearer’s interests reach certain degree, the built-in camera will be triggered to record video.

The EDA sensor detects wearer’s interests and quantifies it in a range from 0 to 100.

When interests reach/exceed 60, the wide-angle camera starts to record video. As interests fall off 60, the camera stops capturing within 3 seconds.

Each video will initially be saved in Vivre’s internal storage, then it gets uploaded to the cellphone via bluetooth. After each transfer, Vivre will automatically delete the uploaded video to free up spaces for the next recording.

Charmingly styled

Vivre’s sleek and clean lines create a form that is as much about fashion as it is about function. Vivre comes with multiple color-ways that will help you look great throughout your day.

Simple, intuitive

Vivre features a built-in auto on/off grip sensor and one-button operation. When you touch the necklace, it automatically turns on the device and lights up the battery indicators. A simple one-click on the capture button will give you a snapshot, while a long click will start a video recording.

Effortless Charging

Vivre is charged wirelessly when placed onto the charging tray. It utilizes WattUp® Radio Frequency (RF) system to delivers safe wire-free charging energy. Through this, user can feel more attached to Vivre as if it was a normal necklace

Vivre charging tray is comprised with two parts: A tray that charges the Vivre necklace, and a detachable charger that you plug into the outlet to charge the tray itself.

Share your moments and live life to the fullest

In the Vivre mobile app, you can quickly see all the moments that have been uploaded. You can also see moments of your significant others simultaneously.

Visual Identity


Cherish the moment
Charmingly styled
Simple, intuitive
Effortless charging